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Jonathan Schmidt, MEDes, Project Manager / Designer

Jonathan has a diverse skill set including website design, print design, mapping and GIS, video production and 3D architecture and design. He has been designing websites and print media for over 10 years. Jonathan began during the initial web 1.0 days and has progressed into the web 2.0 and beyond – where he strives to create attractive interactive websites for his clients. Jonathan has a Masters in Environmental Design and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies. His film Still Motion has received numerous awards including: Waterwalker Film Festival Environment Category winner, 3rd place at the Southern Alberta Film Festival and Finalist at the world renown Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Ben Millen, MEDes, Project Manager / Designer / Programmer

Ben has a rich understanding of both design and programming. His programming knowledge spans many different web-based languages including php, asp, js, css, html, sql and more. Ben has an excellent knowledge base of web programming and how the behind the scenes coding needs to mesh with the design elements that the user sees. Ben’s task at MLG is to ensure that websites function as smoothly as possible from the design stage to the implementation stage.

Rick Schmidt, BA, Photographer

Rick is an avid photographer with a passion for landscape photography, including HD multi-image panoramics. Over the years he has provided rich and unique photo art pieces to galleries and stores across Canada. Rick’s work has placed at local and provincial competitions and many comment on the artistic, almost painting-like, effect of his works.

Mission: To provide customers with the highest quality design services they can afford.

Vision: To assist small businesses reach their potential through appropriate and targeted use of web and print media.

Morning Light Graphics is an innovative graphic design company. We provide high-quality graphic and web design services. Professional web and print media are custom designed to suit your needs. Morning Light Graphics believes that high-quality graphic design is a crucial element of any business. Whether you’re a small business or an individual – you need to get your image into your markets. Morning Light Graphics can provide you with media packages based on your budget. Check out our website packages or request a quote for custom web or print services.


New Website Update

kleinIn partnership with Montana West Trade Co. I’ve assisted in re-launching and updating the website for Kleinsteuber General Contracting at: http://kleinsteuber-contracting.com/http://kleinsteuber-contracting.ca or http://building4u.ca. This is one of a number of websites we are currently working on. Other websites in the works include a tech website and an update to an older website in need of a re-design. We also continue to update the popular trail running website we launched in 2007 at www.trailrunner.ca, also known as Trail Running Canada – Canada’s source for trail running information, news, race reports, gear reviews and much more.

MLG Photographer featured in news

Self-taught photographer and member of the Morning Light Graphics team was recently featured in the New Hamburg Independent newspaper. Rick’s photo art has been capturing attention across Canada. As mentioned in the article his photo of Peggy’s Cove won the praise of the local gift shop and can now be purchased by tourists visiting Canada’s most famous cove. You can read the article here: http://www.newhamburgindependent.ca/whats-on/baden-photographer-turns-his-images-into-art/

More media coverage for Still Motion

The momentum for Still Motion is still going. Global TV Lethbridge picked up on the story when the Banff Film Festival World Tour came to the city last week. Reporter Tom Roulston did a nice piece on the world tour stop and my film Still Motion. Watch the news clip by clicking on the image. The clip is 6 minutes into the video link.

Banff Film Festival Recap

The Banff Mountain Film Festival was a blast. It was a true privilege to be part of such an outstanding weekend of speakers, films and conversations with many amazing film makers from around the world. Still Motion was screened on Saturday evening on the main stage at the Eric Harvie Theatre following a heart-wrenching film on a mountain climbing disaster on K2 called ‘Point of No Return’. During my very brief introduction of Still Motion I mentioned that it would be completely different than what was just seen. I think that’s what people have enjoyed about Still Motion. It’s simple, it has some elements of humour, there’s beautiful music (thanks Keith, Hans & Steve) and it’s completely different than what you normally expect in a film. The winning short film ‘The Longest Journey’ had some similar elements, in that it was also a stop motion film with a creative edge.

Next up for Still Motion is the Banff Film Festival World Tour. I’ll have a chance to introduction the film here in Lethbridge and it will hopefully be enjoyed in many other cities and countries. That’s the other amazing part of this film – except for the titles, it requires no translation. Simple is sometimes beautiful and I’m glad the Banff Festival took a chance on this innovative production. Catch a screening of the World Tour near you – the schedule is here: http://www.banffcentre.ca/mountainfestival/worldtour/.

Banff Film Festival Finalist

The 2010 Banff Film Festival Finalists have been announced and Still Motion made the cut! Still Motion will be screening at the Banff Film Festival on Saturday November 6, 2010. Following the festival Still Motion will be going on tour with the Banff Film Festival. It is a great privilege to be selected by the Banff Mountain Film Festival and be associated with its prestigious festival and amazing commentary on mountain life. Hopefully Still Motion will reach viewers hearts and they will consider how we can better live with the wildlife around and among us.

Latest design work

MLG has been working hard on a number of new websites and redesigns for existing clients. Awhile back we updated www.giftsfromtheheart.ca to give it a clean new design with all the functionality it had previously and a bit more. We have been continuing to perfect the small business and shopping cart site at www.jokatemgifts.ca as well as continuing to expand the Charity Solutions brand at www.charitysolutions.ca with new sites and increased ease of use. Our most popular site, administered by MLG, is Trail Running Canada at www.trailrunner.ca. This site has taken off in popularity over the last year and has seen the addition of polling, google calendar and map integration, structured and tracked advertising and much more. Sites coming soon include: Charity Wear and Candour Construction.

3rd place at Southern Alberta Film Festival

Over this past weekend, Morning Light Graphics owner and designer Jonathan Schmidt came third at the 2009 Southern Alberta Film Festival for his short film called ‘Still Motion’. An innovative film using still images from motion-triggered wildlife cameras, Still Motion has captured the hearts of many viewers with its unique look on the world of Alberta’s wildlife. View more about the Southern Alberta Film Festival here.

Maps & GIS

Tap into a wealth of experience including university graduate level training with the most advanced GIS software on the market. Our services include: air photo interpretation, air photo mosaicking, vector and raster data manipulation, geodatabase creation, thematic map creation, time-series maps, site development maps for planning purposes and much more.

Award winning design

ww_2009_logo_winner Morning Light Graphics recently received a video production award for the short wildlife film entitled “Still Motion”. The film won the ‘Environment’ category  in the 2009 Waterwalker Film Festival. A festival focused on paddling and environmental films. The Film was toured around Canada as part of the festival and producer Jonathan Schmidt attended the Calgary screening at Mount Royal College.

Print design

Full print design services available. Looking for a designer for a large catalogue? How about a small brochure or mailout? Or perhaps you need a professional looking advertisement for a magazine or newspaper.
Contact us at jon@morninglightgraphics.com to request a print design quote. Packages begin at $50 and hourly rates are $50/hr.


Our custom designed websites are built to suit you. If you have a small business that is looking for an online presence contact us for a free web consultation. Our specializations include: user-updated websites, e-commerce including complete online inventory, personal blogging websites as well as multi-user content management systems. Check out our portfolio below.

Excellence in design

Morning Light Graphics is an innovative graphic design company. We provide high-quality graphic and web design services. Professional web and print media are custom designed to suit your needs. Morning Light Graphics believes that high-quality graphic design is a crucial element of any business. Whether you’re a small business or an individual – you need to get your image into your markets. Morning Light Graphics can provide you with media packages based on your budget. Request a quote for custom design services.

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